Specialist Endodontist Dentist

Managing patients with endodontic problems is always challenging.

We view our endodontic referral service very much as a partnership with our referrers. Shashi’s goal is to provide you the very best support in order to look after your patient. We strive to deliver the very best care and experience for both you and your patients.

Considering referring? You may find the links on the right useful to guide you through the service we can provide.

Shashi is happy to discuss any aspect of your case at any time.

Shashi does not provide a service outside of this remit so you can be assured your patient is always discharged back to you.

  • There are always alternatives however the goal for endodontic management of teeth is to avoid tooth extraction and is often the most cost-effective treatment option in the long term
  • Success rates for endodontic procedures is extremely high and in many cases on par with fixed prosthodontic alternatives
    The biological cost of not having the endodontic procedure may far outweigh the financial cost
  • Procedures are carried out using an operating microscope and where biological conditions allow, in a single visit
    The patient is always discharged back to the referring dentist for definitive coronal restoration
  • Regardless of location, my goal is to respond to referrals within 2 days of receipt and see all patients within 2 weeks
  • Appointments can be expedited according to the needs of the patient
  • Shashi will always discharge the patient back to your care
  • Shashi typically restores the access cavity with a provisional restoration, such as IRM® or glass ionomer cement and advises the patient to return to see you to have the definitive coronal restoration placed
  • Please let Shashi know if you would like him to leave space coronally over the root filling to allow for a post
  • If your patient needs to be seen quickly, simply call Shashi 07778 685956
  • You can also refer online by emailing Shashi directly
  • Please contact me directly to discuss your case if you feel it would help

Fees vary depending on location. They will always be made clear to you for each case, but as a guide:

  • Consultations – £100*
  • Incisors, canines and premolars – £700*
  • Molars – £800*
  • Root canal retreatment additional – £50*
  • Any other treatment – £350* (e.g. removing crowns, managing fractured files and gross decay)
  • Surgery prices from – £900-1200* (case specific rates apply)
  • Panoramic radiograph (OPT) – £50
  • Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) – £150
  • Radiologist’s report for imaging  5x5cm CBCT- £70
  • Radiologist’s report for imaging 8x5cm CBCT – £90
  • Radiologist’s report for imaging 8x8cm CBCT – £115

Consultations followed immediately by treatment are available with prior arrangement

  • Intravenous sedation (2-hour) – £700

(*Specific fees will be made clear in all cases)

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